Viola Trivette

5 Young Adult Book Recommendations for Fans of YA

New YA books may be written for teen readers, but adults can’t keep away from them too. According to a 2012 Publisher’s Weekly study, over half of YA readers are adults. However, even though young adult books revolve around teenage characters and their problems, they also appeal to adults without a doubt. Knowing that the fanbase of this genre is so diverse, here is a list of 5 recommended books for young adults that will also sweep adults off their feet.

  1. Indecent Exposure by Viola Trivette

This new YA book follows Meera, a new student who has joined a law college in Terrytown. Even though she did not want this for herself, fate brought her there as she scored well in her LSATs. So Meera accepts her fate and plans on becoming a future lawyer. In college, she meets Aaron, with whom she develops rivalry after an awkward moment in an empty class. From there,  the story takes us on Meera and Aaron’s journey as they deal with their feelings of love and hatred for each other.

  • Influence by Sara Shephard and Lilia Buckingham

The YA book for adults follows four girls, Delilah, who gets famous after a video she makes goes viral. After moving to LA, Delilah finds herself standing on the edge of something incredible. Little does she know that soon everything will change in her life.

Jasmine Walters-Diaz, who was always remained in the spotlight, is a child star turned media darling. A single post from her can practically break the internet. However, she also has some secrets that can ruin her perfect life if they ever see the daylight.

Fiona Jacobs makes the people around her happy with her always smiling face, but that’s just a façade. Soon she will face someone who has come out of the shadows with a secret so scandalous from her past that it won’t just embarrass Fiona. It will ruin her.

And who wouldn’t want to be Scarlet Leigh? She is the definition of perfection. Her life seems perfect with a gorgeous boyfriend and people drooling over her relationship, but is it?

  • 11 Paper Hearts by Kelsey Hartwell

Ella had a picture-perfect life. With a great circle of friends, a trending social life, and an amazing boyfriend. Then, an unexpected car accident after a Valentine’s Day dance caused Ella to forget everything about the dance or the weeks before it, including her reason for breaking up with her boyfriend.

A year after her accident, she begins receiving paper hearts from a mysterious admirer who seems to know everything Ella wants. The hearts contain clues to help Ella remember her forgotten life, taking her on a journey she never imagined. Hailed as one of the best YA adult books for adults, ‘11 Paper Hearts’ allows you to relive the moments of young love.

  • The Girl I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

The YA thriller follows Nora, the daughter of a con artist who targets criminal men. She grew up with her mother as her protégé, but when her mom became a target herself instead of conning her father, Nora pulled the ultimate con of escape.

For five years, Nora’s been playing it low, but when she is held as a hostage in a bank heist, she feels like brushing up the skills she has ignored for too long. The bank robbers may be trouble, but Nora’s something else entirely, and they are about to find out who they’re holding hostage.

  • The Wild by Owen Laukkanen

This new YA book tells us the story of Out of the Wild, a wilderness boot camp for wayward youth. However, the life lessons these kids at the camp are about to learn aren’t the ones anyone would expect. YA fans are increasing with every day. Why wouldn’t they? The genre has a charm of its own, and it keeps you coming back for more adventure. With this, we conclude our list of YA books recommended by fans.